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What Law Firms Are ACTUALLY Saying...

Experienced Firms Share Their Experiences

"Went from $1.5M to just missing the goal of $3M in 24 months."

"The conversion rate you had was 5X what I was used to seeing."

"It's a new way of doing business in your firm."

"You've proven you do what you say you're gonna do."

Play the Advertising & exposure game different. It takes more than just marketing to win.

Say 'Hello' To Your NEW Playbooks!

Proven Campaigns Library

With our Proven Campaigns Library, we are able to avoid any guess work. Each campaign is a blueprint of success, complete with a history of traffic and known cost per lead, cost per meeting and cost per case.

Industry Leading Funnels

Delivering 8x the number of leads compared to the industry average our funnels seamlessly guide clients through a tailored journey, that result in higher qualified leads ready to hire your firm.

'Speed To Lead' Response Centers

Our lightning-fast, 90-second call response to form submissions amplifies your initial consultations by an incredible 2100%. Stay ahead, engage faster, and watch your firm thrive with unparalleled levels of initial meetings

Lead Qualification Screening

Our meticulous 2-step screening ensures our clients intake only engage with thoroughly qualified leads, saving valuable time and boosting conversion potential. Focus on what you do best, while we connect you with the best.

'Speed To Convo' AI Intelligent Scheduling

Our AI driven scheduling system ensures you're the first to engage with a potential client, capitalizing on the fact that over 50% of leads choose the first firm they speak to. Don't just keep pace; be first to the conversation.

Advanced Intake Pipeline Software

Designed to streamline the intake process, our cutting-edge 'pipeline' solution enables effortless scaling and efficiency. Handle more cases with ease and grow your practice no matter where your intake team are based.

Cloud Based Voice & Messaging System

Keep pace with the way your clients want to communicate with your firm with instant access to messages from every channel, including SMS, Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, all in one place.

AI Automated Note Taking For Intake Calls

Captures every call in 'word for word' detail but also analyzes and helps your team improve future intake calls. Enhance performance, ensure accuracy, and focus on your clients while AI elevates your call efficiency.

Intake Call Conversion Persuasion Framework

Designed to turn inquiries into clients, this strategic step-by-step framework empowers your intake team with a proven process for persuasive communication, ensuring every lead is an opportunity to grow your firm.

Weekly Intake Success Coaching

Our group coaching helps accelerate your firm's growth by going over real calls and providing expert guidance all inline with our proven call framework. Enhance call performance, ensure every interaction is more effective and get better ROI by converting more prospects into clients.

KPI Cost & Revenue Targets For Your Firm

Set your firm on a path to success with KPI Cost & Revenue Targets. Our tailored approach helps you define clear financial objectives, streamline operations, and maximize profitability. Empower your business with goals that foster growth and financial health

LIVE Dashboards Track ROI & Performance

Elevate your campaign oversight with our REAL TIME Dashboards. Experience unparalleled transparency in tracking ROI and performance, with detailed views of cost and revenue per lead, meeting, and case. Make data-driven decisions and optimize for success in every campaign

this is what you can expect after we install the playbooks

Before vs After

'The Magneto Effect'

  • Reliant on traditional referrals & SEO

  • Unpredictable lead & case flow

  • Stuck with flat revenues for too long

  • Tried Social Media but it didn't work

  • Google Ads are always too expensive

  • Low quality leads & price shoppers

  • No way to accurately track ROI

  • Keep getting told things take time

  • Break away with 'always on' exposure

  • Know your case flow in advance

  • Experience 'jaw dropping' growth

  • Social media is a gold mine of new biz

  • 8X more Google leads for less spend

  • Only get qualified leads ready to hire

  • KPI dashboards track every penny

  • No more waiting to see results

let me ask you a question

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

  • Feeling like you're working too hard and not seeing enough results?

  • Are you stuck with flat revenues or very slow growth?

  • Sick of starting each month never knowing what tomorrow looks like?


Instead Get Predictable Growth You Can Plan For

  • Work less and let us install our proven playbooks to ensure your growth

  • Budget for expansion by calculating the number of cases you want to buy

  • Say goodbye to 'trial & error' & say hello to a predictable plan

case studies that tell their own story

Mike Had Only Ever Used Word Of Mouth... And Then Another Firm Told Him About Us

Back Story:

Mike, with over 25 years running a firm in Chicago, wanted to go beyond conventional referral and SEO marketing. His objective was to innovate his marketing approach, so he could get a more consistent flow of business and increase his revenues.

What We Implemented:

We introduced our 'Playbooks'. A key strategy for Mike and the majority of our clients, involved recruiting a dedicated non-attorney sales intake role and training them, enabling Mike and his back office staff to shift focus and streamline the fulfilment of the cases the intake team generated.

What Were The Results:

The strategy's success has already propelled Mike's firm beyond 7-figures and his current trajectory, has him on target to double in the next 18 months. Not only that but Mike is now able to spend most of his time working 'on' the firm rather than 'in' it.

Bob Had Tried Multiple Things With No Luck... And Then He Discovered Our 'Playbooks'

Back Story:

Bob's firm had experimented with various growth strategies, but consistently hit a ceiling at $600K revenue. Traditional approaches hadn't yielded the breakthroughs needed for significant growth, leading to a plateau in business expansion.

What We Did:

Our 'Playbook' approach involved revamping Bob's advertising strategies and massively increasing the number of quality leads ready to hire. We also increased the number of leads that turned into clients using our 'Call Conversion' playbook. This modernization was aimed at enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in client acquisition and lead management.

What Were The Results:

The impact was immediate: within two weeks, Bob's firm began securing multiple cases, without the invovlement of Bob and his paralegal team, eliminating the need for his team to deal with chasing leads and callbacks. This marked a transformative shift in how his firm operated and secured new cases. Since starting the project Bob is now well beyond 7-figures and has more than doubled revenues beyond the $600K glass ceiling.

Rory's Probate Litigation Wasn't Performing... And Then We Installed 'The Magneto Effect'

Back Story:

Rory was looking for a consistent way to feed his litigation department within his probate and estate planning area. He was stuck with marketing strategies that were just not giving him the predictable flow and volume of opportunities that would allow him to cherry pick the best cases to maximize fees in contested cases.

What We Implemented:

We were able to quickly pinpoint the areas of opportunity within Rory’s marketing structure and got to work to setup the series of ‘Playbooks’ he was going to need to make this engagement a success. The prority was to install a number of funnels that brought in the types of cases that would allow the litigation department to thrive. We also completely revamped the sales intake process to increase case conversion.

What Were The Results:

Before all the ‘Playbooks’ were implemented back in 2022 for the 3 months of September, October and November Rory’s revenue tipped just over $320,000. A year on after fully rolling out our ‘Playbooks’ he has more than doubled revenue for the same period to over $750,000 and is on course to have a record year.

Brian Wasn't Getting The Growth He Wanted... Until We Turned On His New Campaigns

Back Story:

Brian was just not getting the results he wanted from his current agency. They were doing OK but not creating the explosive growth he was looking for. Then after a conversation with another firm at a coaching group session he found out about ‘The Magneto Effect’.

What We Did:

We did a deep dive and looked at all of the leverage points in Brian’s promotional structure and implemented our ‘Playbooks’ to increase lead conversion, qualified leads and sales conversion throughout the intake pipeline. This included recruting and weekly coaching for the sales intake function.

What Were The Results:

Within the first full month Brian saw immediate results with 288 pre-qualified meetings booked from 489 leads. From the start Brian was not only able to see the true cost per lead but also the cost per meeting as well. Since starting the campaigns Brian has been able to expand the firm into new areas of law with immediate lead and meeting flow allowing him to recruit and plan for the future.

Want To Know If We've Worked with your type of firm?

Check Out Our Library Of Proven Campaigns

Personal Injury


Estate Planning

Family Law

Criminal Defense


Mass Tort


Child Custody


Medicaid Planning

and many more!

Getting results fast matters

Here's The 9-Step Process We Take You Through To Deliver Results In 30 Days Or Less


Onboarding Forms

Begin your client journey with our effortless Onboarding process. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, our Onboarding Forms ensure a smooth start, saving time and enhancing client experience. This allows us to kick off our partnership with confidence and ease.


Campaign Setup

Launch your campaigns with unmatched precision using our Campaign Setup service. Tailored for impact, our approach ensures every element is optimized for success. Dive into your marketing journey with confidence, knowing every campaign is set up for maximum results.


Conversion Tracking

Our Conversion Tracking setup is key to your success. First this allows us to know down to the keyword or ad creative where each case came from, eliminates under or over reporting, and then our setup sends conversion data back to the ad platforms to let them know we want more of the leads that turn into cases!


Response Centers & Call Logic Setup

Never worry about your lead response again with this setup process. This streamlines your call process, ensuring swift, efficient, and effective client interactions 24/7. Elevate your response system to new heights and never let any lead slip through the net.


Targets & KPI Dashboards

Customized for your unique goals, we set your dashboards up to offer real-time insights and clear benchmarks, guiding your strategy towards measurable achievements. Elevate your performance monitoring to achieve your business aspirations.


Sales Intake Pipelines & Workflow Management

Optimize your client's journey with our Sales Intake Pipelines setup. Tailored for seamless integration, our system streamlines everything, ensuring a fluid, scalable sales intake process. Elevate your workflow, and turn leads into loyal clients with unparalleled ease.


Fast Track Training

Accelerate success with our Fast Track Training. Customized to swiftly onboard your team, this training program equips you with the tools and knowledge for immediate impact. Streamline your learning curve and unleash your team's full potential from day one.


Premium Brand Site Design (optional)

Elevate your online conversion with this proven website design. Tailored to your unique brand identity, we craft a stunning, high-performance website that captivates and converts. Set the stage for your success with digital positioning that embodies excellence.



Launch with confidence with our 'Go LIVE' service. We ensure your campaigns debut flawlessly, capturing your audience's attention from the very first moment. Experience a seamless, impactful launch that sets the tone for your ongoing success and visibility.


Meet The Founder

Grant Eagle is someone who is used to performing at the highest level.

As an ex-top Rugby player for Leicester Tigers he has always approached everything with a mindset that you need to be a first team player if you want to win.

Over the last decade he has built 'Magneto' into a business that combines the whole range of skills and functions that a law firm needs to achieve real and sustained growth with a 'first team' of people who are able to deliver a service that goes way beyond 'marketing'. For example here's some of what you can expect...

  • Campaigns crafted to deliver 8X.more leads than the average

  • Response centers so law firms can engage instantly 24/7

  • State of the art software so you get a process that can scale

  • Intake workflow expertize so you don't have to work as hard

  • Expert sales recruitment and coaching to maximize every lead

  • No false promises... just honest straightforward advice


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from others that promise to grow our firm?

There are a number of things that separate us. First there is no ‘trial & error’. We have already got a library of proven campaigns and funnels that convert at 8X the industry average. On top of that our response centers are connected to all of your campaigns guaranteeing instant engagement (online forms are spoken to in around 90 seconds from form submission. Next all leads are screened before they are scheduled on your intake calendars and last but not least we help maximize conversion of meetings to cases with our sales intake recruitment and weekly coaching. In other words we help you get on with running your firm while we bring in the business for you!

Why do you say it takes more than just ‘marketing’ to grow a law firm?

There is a big myth in the law firm marketing world fueled by marketing agencies that if you can generate leads you’ll be able to build your firm with little or no problem. This is just not true. There are multiple factors that will cause your campaigns to fail if they are not addressed. For example, here is just a quick list of leverage points that if you don’t execute each of them perfectly you will negatively impact any campaign you run… the types of ads you run for a particular area of law depending on the different ad platforms and immediacy of the legal problem that needs solving, the funnels a campaign leads to and how they capture lead information, the response times to all leads that are generated no matter what time of day or night the lead comes in, the expectations that are set when scheduling, the time difference between the time a meeting was scheduled to the time the meeting is held and how the initial meeting is conducted and the level of sales skill and legal knowledge the person who takes the call has.

What do you mean when you say ‘Playbook’?

A ‘Playbook’ is a proven and fully tested strategy along with documented processes we use at each step of the marketing and sales journey to help you get the results you want in terms of growing your firm.

How long does it take to see results?

After we’ve installed your ‘Playbooks’ and turned on your campaigns you can expect to see leads on day 1 and depending on your sales skills, signed cases within the first 7 days.

What platforms do you advertize on?

We have deep experience in all of the major platforms including Google, Meta and LinkedIn.

Are you experienced in managing bigger ad budgets?

Yes. We manage millions of dollars in ad spend each year for our clients on a local and national level.

Do you compliment your advertising campaigns with other things that drive exposure for our law firm brand?

Yes, absolutely!. When we work with any client we install and manage ‘Playbooks’ that enhance brand exposure with the following…

  • Google My Business

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Review aquisition

  • News media

  • Direct mail

  • SEO

Do you help us rank in Google with SEO?

Yes. We focus your SEO efforts on helping rank your firm's Google My Business page at the top of the page. We do this by installing a review request system that helps build the reputation of the page, show casing your brands '5-star cred' as well as linking it to our 'News Media Network' Playbook.

Do we get a new website when we work with you?

Yes. One of the things we do for all of our clients is deliver a premium website that is designed to convert browsers into leads. This is all hooked up to our response centers so you never have to worry about answering the phone or calling back form submissions, no matter what time of the day it is.

What type of law firms do you deal with?

We work with all of the major areas of law including...

  • Probate

  • Personal Injury

  • Estate Planning

  • Family Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Consumer Bankruptcy Law

  • And many more...

If we work with you can we lose other marketing costs we currently pay for?

Yes. The majority of our clients are able to offload a bunch of marketing overheads when they work with us. The reason is our ‘Playbooks’ system covers nearly everything you’ll need to generate exposure, leads, meetings and cases.

Are we able to accurately measure the success of our marketing efforts? What metrics or key performance indicators do you focus on?

Yes. This is the cornerstone of our service. Without it everything is just 'hot air'. We use our REAL TIME dashboard system to manage all of your campaigns and you'll have access to it everyday. For example, you’ll be able to see metrics such as your cost per lead (with no double-counting built in), cost per meeting, cost per case, revenue per lead, revenue per meeting and revenue per case. And all of this is further broken down into the respective area of law. Plus you'll see campaign conversion percentages for leads, meetings and cases along with a bunch of other mind blowing stats.

Do we get free access to your marketing CRM and intake pipeline software?

Yes. Part of our standard service is to give you free access for all staff members within your firm. Once everyone has logged in they’ll be able to see all of your ‘Case Pipelines’ and be able to seemlessly communicate via SMS, Google My Business messages, Facebook Messenger, Facebook page, Instagram DM, Whatsapp, phone and email with potential clients as well as current clients all via one inbox for the firm. All of this is setup to integrate with your case management system.

How do you calculate the ad budget for the campaigns we might want to run?

Because we run multiple campaigns for law firms across the US we already know approximate lead and meeting costs based on a number of factors such funnel conversion rates and lead to qualified lead meeting scheduling rates. Therefore we can make things simple by just finding out how many initial meetings you want to schedule and build the budget from there.

How do you make sure all of the leads are high quality?

This is based on a 2-step process. First when leads come in we are able to pre-screen at the response center. And then we run a second final screen before a meeting is attended to make sure the lead is fully qualified maximizing the sales intake opportunity.

What is the response time for leads that fill in forms on our website or campaign funnels?

The response time from our US based response centers for web forms submitted via your site or the campaign funnels is approximately 90 seconds and all inbound phone calls are usually answered between 2 or 3 rings. Both are 24/7, 365 days a year.

Are there any long-term contracts or minimum engagement periods?

No. Because we’ve been able to produce incredible results for the law firms we work with very few people leave. So we don’t need to tie you in and offer a 30 day notice cancellation policy.


Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our clients enjoy the fact that we don't tie you in to long term contracts and pride ourselves on being judged by our results. If at anytime you're not satisfied you can leave with just 30 days notice.

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